Letter of Edward Van Robays to Guido Gezelle

Van Robays will return Gezelle's poem Chrysanthemen (Chrysanthemums) for publication in the magazine Biekorf (Beehive) as soon as possible. He asks Gezelle for more contributions for Biekorf such as Spanish verses which is probably just as fine as, "Lou Mège de Cucugnan" by Roumanille. He also asks Gezelle to have his forthcoming poetry collection Tijdkrans (Wreath of Time) as well as a reissue of his earlier poetry, printed preferably by De Meester and not by Siffer from Ghent. Rev. Bossaer still wishes to know how many copies of Duikalmanak (Daily Almanac) appeared in 1889.

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  • N66 Van Robaeys Edward
  • GGA 8385r
  • GGA 8385v
  • GGA040903 06
  • Sint Clarastraat 1 Plancke Stadsarchief
  • GGA 3587 belang 2671r
  • Chrysanthemen Biekorf 1
  • Chrysanthemen Biekorf 2
  • Chrysanthemen Biekorf 3
  • Portrait of Joseph Roumanille
  • Biekorf Lou Mege
  • AL AMVC De Meester
  • B OB 50 5113 5 000voorplatr
  • AL AMVC Siffer
  • Bossaer
  • GGA576 02 1888b

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