Letter of Hendrik Augustijn De Badts to Guido Gezelle

Hendrik De Badts is the vicar in the little village Heule. He describes to Guido Gezelle how fine Camille Lateur and his wife Louise Gezelle, are after having moved to Leiaarde, just outside Heule. He wishes that Guido’s father, having stopped working, would move to Heule too, which would be better for him than staying in Bruges. He also says that the former parish priest Jacobus Vandenberghe is stingy and that but little help is to be expected from him.

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  • Jan geens N66 De Badts Henricus
  • GGA De Badts001r
  • GGA De Badts001v
  • GGA De Badts bijlager
  • GGA De Badts002r
  • GGA De B Adts bijlagev
  • GGA9286 Fbij L
  • GGA9286 Fbij
  • GGA 9959r
  • GGA 8938 F
  • Heule Plaats
  • Kortrijksestraat Heule

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