Congratulation dedicated to Joseph Van De Voorde and Judoca Haché

Gezelle wrote this poem on the 50th anniversary of Joseph Vandevoorde and Judoca Haché in the Saint Saviour's Cathedral of Bruges.

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More Than Fifty Stanzas

On 2 February 1869, Joseph Vandevoorde and Judoca Haché celebrated their 50th anniversary in Bruges. Guido Gezelle gave a report of the "joyous jubilee celebration" in ‘t Jaer 30. He also wrote the congratulation poem of more than fifty stanzas that was read aloud. It was titled Gelukwensch opgedragen aen Joseph Van De Voorde en Judoca Haché (Congratulation dedicated to Joseph Van De Voorde and Judoca Haché). The poem comically dealt with the married life of Seven and Doca. Jacob Petyt made a festive print of the poem, which was handed over to the family. Gezelle also printed the text in 't Jaer 30 and two more editions were published. The final manuscript was preserved, along with the corrected proof copy.

From Handwriting to Print

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