Miss Anne

Gezelle wrote this poem for Anna Demets, the supervisor of the factory girls at the Linière de Courtrai spinning mill.

GGA 9150 F donkerder 002 Anna Demets

Anna Demets

As a vicar in Courtrai, Gezelle was entrusted with the spiritual guidance of the factory girls of the Linière de Courtrai spinning mill. St. Katharina being their patron saint, they were called the Katrientjes. They met every Sunday and on public holidays for recreation and education. They were divided into groups under the guidance of an unmarried lady from the bourgeoisie. In this poem one of the Katrientjes congratulates her counselor Anna at her patron saint's festivity.

The Poem

The text is written by Guido Gezelle. 57 such poems addressed to various counselors, sometimes on paper with border decorations, were preserved. They were not printed.

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