The Egyptian Wandererers

Gezelle translated this novel by John Mason Neale. It was published as a serial.

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John Mason Neale2 John Mason Neale (National Portrait Gallery)

John Mason Neale

De doolaards in Egypten was published as a serial in Rond den Heerd (By the Fireside) in 1865-1866 and was published separately in 1871. It is a translation of The Egyptian Wanderers (1854) by John Mason Neale, who was a member of the Oxford Movement. The story is set in Egypt under Roman rule. On the flight from persecution, a Christian family with three children sets out in the wilderness, where they experience many exciting adventures.

De doolaards in Egypten (The Egyptian Wanderers). Naar het Engelsch van J.M. Neale. Brugge : A. Dezuttere, 1871.

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