In his magazine Loquela Gezelle wrote passionately about language. His acquaintances sent him all kinds of language findings.

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Language Findings

From 1881 till 1895, Gezelle published the monthly magazine Loquela. In this periodical he collected all his linguistic findings, which he recorded from the vernacular or from old books. Through various sections, he invited a network of over one hundred "zanters" (ear gleaners) to contribute to the magazine. For a short while he also published a magazine Ons Oud Vlaemsch, aiming at French Flanders, but this one only had a brief existence.

GGA1138 2 Gezelle's answers to reader questions in Loquela 1881

Loquela. Roeselare: J. De Meester-Van Nieuwenhuyze, May 1881 - November 1895.

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