Reynaert the Fox

The young Gezelle wrote spicy political poems in an Antwerp newspaper under the pseudonym Spoker (Haunter).

GGA040903 25

Spoker (Haunter)

Gezelle wrote many political texts in poetry under the pseudonym Spoker (Haunter). As early as 1857, Spoker was already active in the Ghent daily Het Vlaemsche Land. From 1860 to 1865, 44 political hate poems appeared in the Antwerp weekly Reinaert De Vos (Reynaert the fox), published by Lodewijk Vleeschouwer. They dealt with both national and Brugean situations. In contrast to the occasional poems, these political texts were never compiled, except partly by Frank Baur in The Prose and Miscellaneous Collection (1950).

Reinaert de Vos : een zondagblad voor verstandige lieden (Reynaert the Fox : a Sunday Magazine for Sensible People). Antwerpen : Vleeschouwer, 1860-1868.

GGA9128 F Lodewijk Vleeschouwer.

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