Max Wildiers Project

The inventory of the collection of the Guido Gezelle Archives has been completed with more than 21.000 records. The collection is now fully accessible. This is the result of a four-year project subsidized by the Max Wildiers Fund.

GGA1020 1

Scientific Inventory

This was a project in collaboration with the Gezelle Center of the University of Antwerp. It resulted in a scientific inventory and the first Guido Gezellewebsite in 2004.

Poetry and Letters

Gezelle’s poetry manuscripts as well as the collection of photos were digitized. The extensive correspondence was inventorised and partly edited. Gezelle used to cut up various letters. Within the project these letters were reconstructed based on the watermark, ink, paper type, handwriting and letter content. This resulted in the discovery of many letters unknown until then.

GGA 3587peis 8010r Reconstructed letter

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