The Wonderful History of the Nordic Countries

Gezelle eagerly read in this book about werewolves, sea monsters and strange fish from the cold Northern seas.

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Fantastic stories

Olav Magnus (1490-1557) was employed by the Swedish king as a diplomat. He is the author of this description of the history and geography of Scandinavia. The book contains sober illustrations (woodcuts). Although he had a solid scientific background, it did not prevent Magnus from writing fantastic stories about people who turned into werewolves or about a snake that scooped people out of ships in the Norwegian waters at night. In 1562 the translation of his book appeared in Antwerp. This copy was part of the collection of books on Scandinavia owned by Guido Gezelle. The many traces of use bear witness to his substantive interest in this translated work.

De wonderlijcke historie vande Noordersche landen beschreven door ... Olaus de Groote ... nu eerst overghestelt uten Latijne in ons Nederlantsche Duytsche sprake (The Wonderful History of the Nordic Countries), Magnus, Olaus, Antwerpen : Silvius, 1562.

The Wonderful History of the Nordic Countries

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