Gezelle wrote many texts for his magazines. He wrote spicy political articles as well as texts on religion, folklore or linguistics.

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Not only did Gezelle write poetry, he was also active as a teacher and editor of newspapers and magazines such as Loquela and Rond den Heerd (By the Fireside). He wrote a lot of prose texts as well. Sermons and other religious texts bear witness to his priesthood.

Special Pieces

Avondpsalmen (Evening Psalms)

Gezelle was a skilled writer of sermons and other religious prose.

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Gans Gens Gins

Have a look at the corrections Gezelle made on a proof for the article on the Flemish words “Gans”, “Gens” and “Gins” for his linguistic magazine Loquela in 1881.

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Les Flaminguistes

Shortly after the launch of his magazine Loquela, Gezelle had the opportunity to explain his philological studies to the French-speaking scientific audience of the Louvain magazine Le Muséon. His article Etudes de philologie néerlandaise. Les Flaminguistes (Studies of the Dutch Philology. The Flemish Language Nationalists) from 1885 is a key text for those who want to understand Gezelle's political attitude towards the Flemish language. Gezelle's secretary Cordelia Van De Wiele copied the text in a readable handwriting.

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Between the Spoon and the Mouth ...

On the 14th of June 1895 the saying "Between the spoon and the mouth a lot of porridge falls on the floor" appeared in Gezelle's tear-off calendar. Meaning: between the idea and the action many essentials are lost.

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