Letter of Edward Van Robays to Guido Gezelle

Van Robays sends Gezelle a booklet entitled “Open Letter to Mr. Visart, Mayor of Bruges” by Odilon Périer containing three Dutch translations of the regulations concerning the city slaughter house, drawn up in French : one by the city service, one in “decent Flemish” by Dr. Van Steenkiste, member of the town council, and one by Périer. Périer is an advocate of Hollandish Dutch and in his publication he criticizes the West-Flemish language particularism. Van Robays asks Gezelle to comment on Périer’s publication so as to enable Van Steenkiste to publish a reply.

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  • N66 Van Robaeys Edward
  • GGA 5662r
  • GGA 5662v
  • FO A33871
  • Odillonperrier
  • Eugeen Van Steenkiste Stadsarchief
  • Visart 3 Stadsarchief
  • Briefodillonperrier2
  • Briefvisart2
  • N66 Craeynest Jan

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