Letter of Guido Gezelle to Hendrik Rommel

Guido Gezelle explains to Hendrik Rommel the structure of the poem Vridag (Friday). He can’t send him a copy, because the composer Edgard Tinel has the only one available. The title might still change, but if it remains Vridag, it should be pronounced as Vridag, not as “Vreidag”.


GGA 8963 F
Edgar Tinel
poem Gezelle, music Tinel, vocals B. Vandekerkhove

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  • N66 Rommel Hendrik
  • AL Stadsarchief archief St Lodewijks5502526 05 1887r
  • AL Stadsarchief archief St Lodewijks5502526 05 1887v
  • GGA0563
  • GGA8962bis Fgroot
  • FOA3560
  • GGA0564br
  • GGA0564bv
  • GGA0564ar
  • GGA0564av

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