Art Workshop Dementia

The aim is to use language and art as a means to communicate between young people and people with dementia. Art education 3rd and 4th year.

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Bruges Academy of Fine Arts
KSO (3-4) and Art Workshop Dementia
Teacher: Els Robaey

Young people communicate through language and images with people with dementia. These people may no longer be able to write, but they can still recognize and name images.

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Gezelle's Notebooks

We communicate by means of weekly back-and-forth booklets between two classes of 15 pupils each and people suffering from dementia. The visual process grows between young people and people with dementia.

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Whirligig Beetle

  1. The students create sculpted artwork of a whirligig beetle.
  2. They translate the poem into asymmetrical artwork.
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  • Gezelleacademie beeldatelierdementie2
  • Gezelleacademie beeldatelierdementie1
  • Dementie Afbeelding8
  • Dementie Afbeelding9
  • Dementie Afbeelding6
  • Dementie Afbeelding2
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