Michael Buckley

Ierland Cahir, Tipperary 1837 - Youghal 02.08.1905

Michael Buckley lived in the Minderbroedersstraat 8 (later number 7) in Bruges. His letters reveal that he studied at the minor seminary in Roeselare during the school year 1857-1858 even though he was not mentioned in the Palmares, but his name does appear in the Grand Livre Internat. In 1858 we can trace him back to the Josephites in Geraardsbergen and in April 1861 he sent a letter from Tienen where he was a teacher at the Saint Stanislas college. Between October 1861 and July 1862 he was a teacher at the Holy Trinity college in Leuven, a dependence of the Josephites.
After a short stint in Bruges he then moved to Château de Magery, Sibret in the province of Luxembourg where he collaborated on some godly opus supervised by the Count de Rochepaule. Eventually he attended Saint-Joseph's college in Tielt in view of a potential priest education. His studies were financed by Elga Robinson, wife of Arthur Robinson. Buckley befriended the latter’s cousin Cuthbert Robinson as well and wanted to follow in his footsteps by entering Manning’s order, the Oblates of St Charles. In January 1865 he sent a letter from Vigan asking Gezelle to get him back to Tielt where he would be able to teach English while studying at the same time. Buckley was a fervent supporter of the neo-gothic movement and in March 1864 he founded the ‘Heilige Beeldekensgilde’ in Bruges in a joint venture with Adolf Duclos, Antoine Neurath and Louis Grossé. In 1881 he owned a partnership in the religious art company Cox & Buckley in London. He was registered in the 1891 census as a bachelor, living in a rented property in Buckingham Street, 17 in London. After the firm Cox & Buckley went bankrupt he moved to Ireland, where he started a glass and metal workshop in Youghal. He worked as a designer and representative of the Bruges art guild. In 1905, the year he died, he would gather Belgian artists in Youghal.
He died on August 2nd 1905 in his home Montmorenci in Youghal and was buried at the cemetery of North Abbey, Youghal. He also supplied writings to several art magazines.
GGA8571r Letter of G. Gezelle to M. Buckley Roeselare 21.03.1858
Buckleigh glass Stained glass from the firm Cox & Buckley

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