Joseph Samyn

Tielt 11.01.1854 - Westouter 09.08.1909

Joseph Samyn, son of Frederic-Eugeen Samyn, pharmacist, and Stephanie Geeraert, was ordained priest on May 26th, 1877 and was appointed teacher at the college in Oostende immediately thereafter. Subsequently he was a teacher at the college in Moeskroen (1881-1886) and Menen (till May 24th, 1893), and curator in Otegem from May 24th, 1893 till 1897. He also was director of Engelendale in Bruges and the Saint-Dominicus institute. Later he became pastor in Sint-Eloois-Vijve (12.01.1901) and Westouter (12.10.1906).He was a member of the Comité Flamand de France from 1883 already. He wrote about local history in particular, but he was an expert in language and herbs. In 1888 he edited L.L. De Bo’s Herbal Dictionary and in 1892 the second edition of De Bo’s Westvlaamsch Idioticon. Gezelle dedicated his poem "Chrysanthemen" to him.

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