Gustaaf Jozef Waffelaert

Rollegem 27.08.1847 - Bruges 18.12.1931

Gustaaf Waffelaert, son of Engel Waffelaert, customs sergeant, and Theresia Vermeulen, attended secondary school in Ypres. In 1866 he started his priest education at the minor seminar in Roeselare, and continued his studies at the major seminar in Bruges. He was ordained priest in Bruges on September 17th, 1870 and became coadjutor in Sint-Michiels (February 3rd, 1871) and curate in Blankenberge (February 15th, 1871). He studied theology at the university of Leuven (October 5th, 1875), graduating on July 20th, 1880. He taught moral theology at the major seminar in Bruges (September 23rd, 1880). On July 26th, 1889 he became honorary canon of the Brugean cathedral. On April 25th, 1890 he became vicar general of the diocese of Bruges, on April 24th, 1890 general director of the Sisters of Saint Joseph in Bruges, on June 10th, 1894 archpriest of the Brugean chapter, and on April 1st, 1895 vicaris capitularis. On June 28th, 1895 he was appointed bishop of Bruges, taking “Duc nos quo tendimus” (Guide Us to What We Aim At) for his motto. He wrote numerous works on spirituality, including Medidationes Theologicae, which Gezelle partially translated into Dutch as Goddelijke Beschouwingen (Reflections On The Divine). Gezelle also wrote occasional poems for Waffelaert.
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