Edmond Denys

Roeselare 10.05.1865 - Lichtervelde 14.02.1923

Edmond Denys was the son of Desiderius Denys, factory worker, and Melanie Verhaeghe. He studied at the minor seminary in Roeselare. He wished to be a missionary, but the bishop appointed him teacher at the college of Saint Louis in Bruges on September 16th, 1889. There he was closely involved with the social and political movement of that time. He was ordained priest by bishop Faict in Bruges on December 12th, 1889. He co-founded Gezelle's magazine Biekorf (Beehive) and published several articles in it. Later he became chaplain of the Werk der Franschmans (association supporting Flemish seasonal workers in France) (May 31st, 1902), parish priest in Klerken (July 27th, 1914) and after the war chaplain of the Werk der Franschmans again (1919). He resigned in 1922.
SL714 017 College of Saint Louis teaching staff 1898-1899, E. Denys seated, 2nd person l.t.r.

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