Domenico Macry Correale

Siderno (Italië) 1859 - Siderno 1904

Macry Correale was not only a priest, but also a teacher of Greek, Latin and Italian literature at the Empoli college in Tuscany. He was a poet, author and founder of several magazines such as the Revista Contemporanea. In 1889 he contacted Gezelle inquiring about a Flemish version of his poem in remembrance of his mother. Gezelle consented to this request and sent him “Uit het Italiaansch”. Correale and Gezelle stayed in touch and a number of signed copies of the Italian author’s work can be found in Gezelle’s library. Also their literary collaboration endured. Gezelle’s poem “Een groet uit België” and its translation by Correale were added to the anthology Lokris in honor of the golden priest jubilee of Mgr Mangureva, bishop of Gerace.
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