Camille Roelandts

Ingelmunster 10.06.1835 - Harelbeke 04.08.1892

Camille Roelandts, son of Ferdinandus-Dionisius, tax collector, and Flabvia-Domitilla Iserbyt, started studying at the major seminar in Bruges on 30 September, 1852 and was ordained priest on 18 December, 1858. He became a teacher at the college of Oostende (01.10.1857) and subsequently was director of the Leergesticht (school) den Casino in Kortrijk, principal of the college in Tielt (01.09.1860), parish priest in Lendelede (07.02.1877) and Harelbeke (04.12.1882) where he died on 4 August,1892.
On the occasion of Constantin Roelandts’s patron saint’s day Gezelle wrote the poem "Weêr is de schoone dag verrezen" (Again the Beautiful Day Has Risen), which was published in Rond den Heerd (By the Fireside) (03.08.1884).
Under his supervision as the 3rd principal of the college of Saint Joseph in Tielt (1861-1877) the boarding school was established, which increased the number of students, the “Société littéraire” (literature society) - unique in West-Flanders - was continued, the “Cours d’études professionnelles” were set up and the ties to the Tielt town council were tightened. Later he was surnamed the “second founder of the college”. His brother Constantin Roelandts succeeded him as principal (07.02.1877-1879).

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