Bruno Vanhove

Izegem 05.11.1819 - Tielt 19.08.1891

Bruno Vanhove studied at the minor seminary in Roeselare. He attended the major seminary in Bruges and was ordained priest on 21 December, 1844. From 1844 till 1846 he was a teacher in the sixth class (the so-called rhetorics class) of the minor seminary in Roeselare. In 1850 he also was a primary school inspector in Roeselare and from 1855 on in Tielt. In 1859 Vanhove was appointed superior at the minor seminary in Roeselare. As a superior he didn’t always agree with the pedagogical approach, proselytism and Flemish-mindedness of his teacher Guido Gezelle. Van Hove became honorary canon in 1884, espiscopal inspector for primary and secondary schools (1869) and vicar general of the diocese Bruges (1875-1890). He also was arch priest at the chapter in Bruges, home prelate of the Pope and knight in the order of King Leopold.

Teaching Staff of the Minor Seminary of Roeselare 1868

AL AMVC leraren Klein Seminarie
1. Hugo Verriest
3. Cyrille Deprez
4. Alexis Chombart
5. Theofiel Barbe
6. Joseph Algar
7. Bruno Vanhove
8. Jan Catulle
9. Alexis Decarne
10. J. Ruffin Delbaere
11. Charles Depoorter
12. Alfons De Leyn (?)
13. Jules Delorge

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