Alfons Van Hee

Lo 03.04.1846 - Moere 28.05.1903

Alfons Van Hee was a former student of the minor seminary in Roeselare. He was chairman of its literary guild. He was ordained into priesthood on June 7th, 1873. He was appointed teacher at the minor seminary on Septembern 26th, 1873. He was dismissed by superior Delbaere on account of his flamingant attitude. Next he was coadjutor of priest Ghyselen in Alveringem (17.03.1876), curate in Wijtschate (07.08.1876) and in Langemark (23.09.1885) and parish priest in Moere (24.02.1900). He was a member of the Swighende Eede (The Silent Oath), a secret society of flamingant literary friends established by Hugo Verriest. He was the author of comedies such as Het Testament (The will) and Boerenkrakeel (Farmers’ quarrel). He wrote numerous contributions for the West-Vlaamsch Idioticon by De Bo, Loquela, De Vlaamsche Vlagge (The Flemish Flag) en Nieuwe Tijd (New Time), but mainly gained recognition by creating ‘t Manneke uit de Mane (The Man in the Moon), a West-Flemish folk almanac. Gezelle sent him the poem "Uw mes hebt gij" (Your Knife You Have) on the occasion of a meal Van Hee enjoyed at Gezelle’s place.
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