By the Fireside

Gezelle was the author and editor of this family magazine. The intention was to educate and inform the common people.

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A Folk Magazine in English Style

Together with James Weale, Gezelle started the weekly magazine Rond den Heerd in December 1865. It was intended to be a family magazine with many illustrations and educational or religious contributions. The readership was also given an important place through the letter post. Weale soon withdrew from the project. Gezelle was responsible for the first six volumes. In December 1871, the magazine was handed over to Adolf Duclos, who continued it until the end of 1902. Many series and translated series were also published separately in the library Rond den Heerd.

GGA2425 By the Fireside section "Where it wants to fly" in Gezelle's handwriting

Rond den Heerd. Een leer-en leesblad voor alle lieden. (By the Fireside. A learning and reading Magazine for All People.) Brugge: Gailliard, 02.12.1865; vanaf 03.06.1871: Brugge: A. Dezuttere; vanaf 28.11.1880: Brugge: A. De Zuttere-Van Kerschaver en vanaf 08.04.1886: Brugge: F. De Haene-Wante.

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