Daily Almanac

Gezelle issued a Daily Almanac. It was called Duikalmanak, as one sheet of paper hides behind the other one.

GGA040903 24


From 1886 to 1899 (except in 1887) Gezelle edited the popular tear-off calendar Duikalmanak. This was the predecessor of the Druivelaar, which is still popular in Flanders nowadays. In addition to factual and religious data, every day contained an often humorous popular saying as well. Gezelle almanacs were also intended as an alternative to the many French-speaking almanacs.

Aanw 122 100r Saying in Gezelle's handwriting for the Duikalmanak

Dit is de nieuwe Vlaamsche Duikalmanak ofte Plukalmanak […] (Daily Almanac). Brugge: K. Beyaert-Storie, 1886; Gent: S. Leliaert, A. Siffer en An, 1888; Gent: S. Leliaert, A. Siffer en Cie, 1889; Gent: A. Siffer: 1890-1899 (It was not published in 1887).

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