Horace's Ode

Already as a student Gezelle was very creative. In this book he made drawings and a funny ode dedicated to Horace with a drinking problem.

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A Funny Ode

Gezelle used this edition of Horace's Odes from 1714 as a student at the Minor Seminary in Roeselare. Gezelle made notes and remarkable pencil drawings in this book. It also is quite unique that he wrote his own funny ode in it: Horatius de romaan (Horace, the Roman). In this ode Horace has a drinking problem.

Q. Horatii Flacci carmina expurgata. Accuratis notis ac appendice de diis et heroïbus poëticis illustravit Josephus Juvencius, Horatius Flaccus, Quintus, Rotomagi: Lallemant, 1714.


GGA040903 05

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