Beautiful & Special Letters

During Gezelle's lifetime there was no internet, telephone or television. His acquaintances took the time to write extensive letters or they sent quick reminders, telegrams, postcards and name cards. Some letters are very cryptical and can only be understood by friends. Among the letters there are also real visual gems due to the paper, the ink, all kinds of tiny drawings, the elegant handwriting or the graceful signatures. Sometimes Gezelle altered the words in the letters, he cut up the sheets or scribbled poetry on them. Have a look at some striking letters from the correspondence of the teachers of the College of Saint Louis.

GGA 6336r
Stationery College of Saint Louis

Hendrik Rommel

GGA 4639 001r
Powerful handwriting

Michael Joseph Buckley

GGA 7538r
College of St. Louis visiting card

Cyriel Delaere

GGA 4569r

Hugo Verriest

GGA2411 002r
Drawing of Mary & Jesus

Hendrik De Badts

GGA1193 01
New Year Verses

Guido Gezelle

GGA 3586 raak v
Postcard edited by Gezelle

Emiel Tillieux

Pastel blue stationery

Leonard Nuttin

GGA 4733v
Two correspondents

Lawrence Weale

GGA 5111r
Mill Hill Letter

Pieter Benoit

GGA 6573r
Mourning stationery.

Hugo Verriest

Poetry on letter

Isidoor Fraeys

GGA0651 01
Poetry & language notes

Emiel Tillieux

Text continues on back side

Leonard De Bo

GGA 5137r
Elegant stationery

Isidoor Fraeys

GGA 4183r
Drawing of teacher

Victor Van Coillie

GGA 6048 1r
Stationery with photos

Hendrik Rommel

GGA 8389en3322 Bfiche 119 1r
Geometric figure

Edward Van Robays

GGA 5824bisr
Refined stationery

Isidoor Hemeryck

GGA 4661r
Embossed weapon

Bruno Van Hove

GGA2411 002v
Refined staves

Hendrik De Badts

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