Churchyard Flowers

Gezelle's poetry collection Churchyard Flowers inspired students 5AO and 5CMD to create small shrines.

Projectengezelle 14b

Bruges Academy of Fine Arts
Art School 5MD 5AO Graphic Design
Teacher: Hilde Debrabandere

Gezelle's poetry collection Churchyard Flowers is the source of inspiration for the students. They create personal shrines.

Photography Xander De Wasch - 5 CMD

Have a look at the results

  • Virginie Kerkhofblommen H
  • Kerkhofblommen Zahna H
  • Kerkhofblommen Xander H
  • Kerkhofblommen Jagoda H
  • Kerkhofblommen Louise H
  • Kerkhofblommen Bob H
  • Kerkhofblommen Sarah Lyne H
  • Kerkhofblommen Manoe H
  • Kerkhofblommen Maxine H
  • Kerkhofblommen adelita H
  • Kerkhofblommen Bo H

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