Picture Poems

Gezelle's Short Poems are used to create digital poetry.

Mapprojectengezelle 18

Video-digital workshop - DKO and ABA KSO
Teacher: Philip Serbruyns

The students create a visual poem based on Gezelle's Short Poems. They start from a text, a song, a monologue or dialogue. The works are presented as digital photo frames.

  • Nette
  • Mira
  • Luka
  • Lisa02
  • Lisa01
  • Jenn
  • Fotomontage tekst
  • Fotomontage ex 2019 versie 2
  • Fm4 kleurvariatie
  • Fm2fenna
  • FM1tussen3
  • FM1 Linde
  • FM1 Eindresultaat
  • Examenopdracht versie5
  • Emma
  • Eindresultaat
  • Armand2
  • Ann Sofie
  • 2de versie

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