Mary A. F. Andrewes

Brentford , 1812 - Kingston upon Thames, Londen 09.1891

Mary Ann F. Andrewes was born in 1812 in Brentford, Greater London, Middlesex. In 1871 she was 59 years old and the widow of a vicar. At the time she was living in Paddington, London, more specifically in the subdistrict St. Mary Paddington at 7 Westmoreland Place, Paddington, the same neighbourhood as the blind Emily Lathy, a woman she looked after. Mary lodged with Frances A. Hatchell (°London, 1823), the widow of an army officer. Her cousin Elizabeth G. Vernon (°Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, 1817) also lived there as did their maid Jane Sheen (°London, 1845). Mary Ann F. Andrewes died in September 1891 at the age of 78 in Kingston upon Thames, London.

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