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Marie Elise Amandine Lateur

Roubaix 21.05.1866 - Machelen 14.10.1950

Marie Elise Lateur was born the daughter of Camille Lateur and Louise Gezelle, a younger sibling of Guido Gezelle. Marie Elise was one of Stijn Streuvels’ (pseudonym of Frank Lateur) elder sisters. After her aunt Amandine Lateur passed away, she was in charge of the bakery shop and the household of her two uncles in Avelgem. From that moment onwards she was called Amandine, in analogy to her aunt and predecessor. Around 1887 her parents, brothers and sisters eventually also moved to the bakery, and Marie Elise ran the bakery shop together with her mother. When Streuvels resigned as a baker in 1905 and dedicated himself to full-time writing, she moved to Bruges with her mother to live in the parental home of the Gezelle-De Vriese family.
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