Marcel Van Dromme

Westouter 13.091870 - Lo 08.12.1953

On 5 May, 1896 Marcel Van Dromme, son of Petrus Vandromme, farmer, and Virginia Parent, became a teacher at the college of Saint Louis in Bruges. He was ordained priest on 30 May, 1896 in the Bruges cathedral by bishop Waffelaert. He was passionate about linguistics and sent numerous reactions to questions and words published in Loquela to Gezelle. Later on he also contributed to Biekorf. He was appointed director of the Black Sisters in Kortrijk on 7 June, 1907, and on 9 April, 1914 of the Amerlinck institute in Kortrijk. Subsequently he was appointed parish priest in Loker on 5 December, 1919 and Lo on 16 November, 1926.

Online Edition of the Gezelle Letters

Here you can find the digitized letters next to the full searchable text. The letters are enriched with biographical and contextual information.

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