Juliaan Fové

Gistel 23.02.1863 - Kortrijk 29.03.1941

Juliaan Fové, son of Henricus Fové, brazier, and Silvia Reynaert, started teaching at the college in Moeskroen on September 15th, 1886. He was ordained priest in Bruges on December 18th, 1886. Subsequently he was a teacher at the college in Tielt (20.09.1896), curator in Iegem (28.02.1901), pastor in Stasegem (01.12.1901) and Kortrijk (23.12.1918). He would regularly ask Gezelle for poems. In 1893 Gezelle wrote "Aanziet de kraaien" (Behold the Crows) a poem intended for the Saint-Godelieve "Chapel of the Crows" in Gistel and "Lied" (Song) for the same saint. Fové also wrote for Gezelle's magazine Biekorf (Beehive).
  • Kraaikapel
  • GGA1046

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