Joannes Faict

Leffînge 22.05.1813 - Bruges 04.01.1894

J.J. Faict, son of the brewer Henri Faict and Marie Hellinck, was a sixth year laureate at the minor seminary in Roeselare in 1834. Later on he earned a doctoral degree in theology, philosophy and literature. On June 9th, 1838 he was ordained priest by Monseigneur Bousen in Bruges. He was appointed professor of church history and sciences (12.01.1839) and professor of theology (October 1840) at the major seminary in Bruges. He was the superior of the minor seminary in Roeselare between August 1849 and October 1856. He became honorary canon (29.12.1853) and vicar-general to Monseigneur Malou on Octobre 18th, 1856. He was appointed home prelate to Pope Pius IX and coadjutor to Monseigneur Malou on February 25th, 1864. From Octobre 18th, 1864 till his death in 1894 Faict was bishop of Bruges.

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