Jan Catulle

Ingelmunster 22.08.1835 - Brussels 23.03.1899

Jan Catulle, son of Leonard Catulle, grain merchant, and Rosalia Vervaecke, was a pupil at the minor seminary in Roeselare from 1853 (4th year) until 1857 (philosophy). During the school year 1856-1857 he was a member of Gezelle’s Confraternity, of which he also was a leading figure. He was ordained priest in the major seminary on December 22nd, 1860. He consecutively served as a curate in Handzame (24.05.1861), Ostend (18.12.1861) and Roeselare (04.11.1863). Monseigneur Faict refused his request to join the English redemptorists (31.12.1866). In March 1867 he started as an economist in the minor seminary in Roeselare. He joined the Redemptorists in Sint-Truiden in 1878 and took his vows on August 2nd, 1879. Between July 1st, 1884 and 1898 he was a missionary in Canada, where he founded a convent in Montreal. He returned to Belgium in 1898 and became the rector of the Saint-Joseph’s monastery (Redemptorists) in Brussels.

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