Isidoor Fraeys

Roeselare 30.05.1846 - Aarsele 23.03.1918

Isidoor Fraeys, son of Isidorus Fraeys, debt collector, and Maria Caytan, studied at the minor seminary in Roeselare. In January 1862 he participated in a lottery raising funds for the church of Highgate (London) in which Gezelle was involved. He finished secondary school in 1865 and philosophy studies in 1866. On September 15th, 1869 he was appointed teacher at the college in Ypres. Het was ordained priest in Bruges on April 2nd, 1870. Between September 18th, 1873 and August 19th, 1878 he was a teacher at the college of Saint Louis in Bruges. He became chaplain of the Sint-Augustinus printing office (August 19th, 1878), curate in Pittem (May 18th, 1880) and parish priest in Snellegem (March 7th, 1894) and in Handzame (May 27th, 1898). In 1917 he was appointed parish priest in Aarsele, where he died.

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