Eugène Van Steenkiste

Bruges 27.08.1841 – Bruges 17.02.1914

Eugène Van Steenkiste was a Brugean physician. After finishing his studies at the Catholic University in Leuven and volunteering with the papal zouaves, he established a medical career in Bruges. He became doctor at the Saint John’s hospital in Bruges (1880) and head physician in 1899. He was strongly invested in the catholic flamingant community life. He was a co-founder of the Guild of Saint Lutgarde (1874) and the Brugean branch of the Davidsfonds (1875). Furthermore he was actively involved in the Vlaamse Broederbond and the Breidel commission as well as the foundation of the Biekorf magazine (1889). He was renowned as chairman of the Catholic Citizen’s Guild and was dedicated to the Dutchification of cultural life. He was very militant and did not shy away from more radical movements. He was closely involved in the student uprising and supported the democratic catholics for some time. From 1878 onwards he served as a municipal councilor and advocated the Dutchification of the city administration.

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