Clementia Hiers

Kortrijk 28.08.1819 - Kortrijk 22.12.1899

Clementia Hiers became a beguine in Kortrijk on 07.07.1843. She was appointed Mother Superior of the beguinage in Kortrijk on 21.06.1848 and maintained that position until 1899. She made her mark on the history of the beguinage and was the author of books such as Het beggijnhof van Kortrijk (1887). Gezelle wrote the poem "Och grootiefvrouw, de gifte en is maar kleene" on the occasion of her golden jubilee on 12.03.1893.
Begijnhof kortrijk Begijnhof Kortrijk en de O-L-Vrouwekerk (Foto Beeldbank Kortrijk)
GGA1664 01 Gezelle's manuscript of a poem for Cementia Hiers

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