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Charles Gillès de Pélichy

Bruges 22.07.1872 - Bruges 07.03.1958

Baron Charles M.J.G. Gillès de Pelichy was a descendant of the Gillès family and the son of baron Alexandre Gillès de Pelichy and baroness Savina van Caloen. In 1901 he wedded Maria van der Renne de Daelenbroeck. He finished his secondary studies in 1891 at the college of Saint Louis in Bruges and graduated as a doctor of law at the Catholic university in Leuven in 1897. Till his death he was enrolled as a solicitor at the bar in Bruges. From 1900 till 1945 he acted as a people’s representative and a senator. De Pélichy was member and dean of the Edele Confrérie van het Heilig Bloed (Noble Fraternity of the Holy Blood) and board member (from 1904) and vice-president (1950) of the History Society of Bruges.

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