BAB N66 De Visschere


Aloys De Visschere

Ruddervoorde 18.07.1853 - Emelgem 29.06.1921

Aloys De Visschere, son of Ludovicus De Visschere, merchant, and Isabella De Waele, shop keeper, became a teacher at the teachers’ school in Torhout. He was ordained priest in Bruges on May 22nd, 1880. Subsequently he became a vicar in Ruiselede (26 March 1897), parish priest in De Panne (20 January 1901) and parish priest in Emelgem (17 January 1906). In the 1880’s De Visschere worked together with other teachers to establish a Flemish vocabulary for use in science and technology. He also wrote contributions to the Gezelle's magazine Biekorf (Beehive).

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