Alfons Verdoodt

Opwijk 18.10.1863 - Mortsel 23.01.1934

Isidoor Alfons Verdoodt was born in Opwijk on October 18, 1863. He studied at the minor seminary and the major seminary in Mechelen. There he became involved in the student movement and the editorial board of the magazine "De Student". He contacted Gezelle in 1885-1886 and contributed to his linguistic periodical Loquela. After his ordination as a priest in 1886, he studied theology at KU Leuven. From 1888 on, he was a teacher at the Saint Boniface Institute in Ixelles (1888), vicar in Antwerp (1894) and chaplain of the Saint Elisabeth Hospital in Uccle (1908) and the Psychiatric Center Saint Amadeus in Mortsel (1920). There he died on January 23, 1934.

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