Alfons Prayon van Zuylen

Gent 19.11.1848 - Twickenham 16.11.1916

Alfons Prayon van Zuylen did his secondary studies at the Ghent atheneum and law studies at the Ghent university. In 1973 he became a lawyer residing alternatively in Ghent and Elsene. On September 12th, 1874 he married baroness Helena van Zuylen van Nyvelt. In 1905 he settled in England. He was co-founder, editor and co-writer of the magazine Het Nederlandsch Museum (The Dutch Museum). He also contributed to several other magazines including De Gentsche Studenten-Almanakken, Vox Studiosorum, Het Studentenweekblad, De Nederlandsche Dicht- en Kunsthalle, De Leeswijzer, het Volksbelang, De Zweep and De Flamingant. He published on pangermanism and collided with Willem De Vreese. Beside all this he also wrote novels. As a member of the Royal Flemish Academy for Linguistics and Literature he published a bulky book : Korte staatkundige geschiedenis van het Iersche volk (A Brief Political History of the Irish People) (Ghent : A. Siffer, 1902).

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