Adolf Duclos

Bruges 30.08.1841 - Bruges 06.03.1925

Adolf Duclos, son of Desiderius Duclos, pharmacist and co-founder of the Catholic Party in 1860, and Hortencia Bogaert, whose father and grandfather founded the Gazette van Brugge, was born in the Kuipersstraat in Bruges. He attended the athenaeum in Bruges, the college in Ypres and the College of Saint Louis in Bruges. In October 1860 he started studying at the minor seminary in Roeselare (philosophy year 1861) and started his priest training at the major seminar in Bruges a year later. There he met Guido Gezelle.
Duclos was ordained priest in Bruges on June, 10th, 1865 by Monseigneur Faict. He started teaching at the college in Torhout (17.09.1865) and was appointed deputy secretary and diocesan relic keeper. In 1871 he succeeded Guido Gezelle as editor of the magazine Rond den Heerd (By the Fireside). In 1874 he was the founder and chairman of the Guild of Saint Lutgarde. In 1875 he also participated in the establishment of the Brugean chapter of the Davidsfonds. Equally important was his involvement as a board member and director of the Société Archéologique de Bruges, the precursor of the Gruuthuse Museum in Bruges.
He was the author of historical publications and an active participant in the organisation of parades and processions in Bruges. Subsequently he became the honorary canon of the Bruges cathedral (29.08.1884) and pastor in Pervijze (25.11.1889) and in Ypres (21.07.1897). He returned to Bruges on May 20th 1903 as the canon of the Bruges cathedral. He was assigned diocesan inspector of the episcopal colleges and ultimately served as canon-cantor (13.12.1911).

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